Bachelorette party ideas: freedom be gone!

Wedding is approaching. Soon you status will be “married”. Now, formally, you are still free, and you need to joyfully part with your freedom. The friends of the bride usually pick the theme and organise of the party, but there is nothing wrong to discuss everything together beforehand. Much depends on your character, social circle, interests and financial abilities. All things considered, the options for the party can be split the following way.

The nightclub

If you are young and energetic and love to be the center of attention – this is the perfect place for you and your girlfriends. Dress into short skirts and party dresses, put on high heels, loosen your hair and dance till the break of dawn. Great, if something connects you in some way, like one element of accessory – red lipstick for example. It’s hard not to notice such a company, meaning that the focus of attention will be on you – free cocktails and the best songs are guaranteed. Your single friends just might even meet some handsome companions.

Karaoke bar

Singing songs together always connects people. It does not matter if you don’t have the perfect voice, or sense of rhythm. Under the spotlight you will feel like real starts. Your friends can gift you a special musical present – perform your favorite song, or even make up a song just for you. You can dress in the style of Marilyn Monroe, or icons of jazz of the 20’s.

At home

If big an noisy events are not your thing, and you really like to be busy with homey stuff, create new recipes or knit socks, you can spend some quality time at home. You just need to pick a suitable style for your part.

It can be a Pin-Up styled cooking evening: retro dancing or a cocktail party. You can even decorate your home in a fairy-tail way: sweet buns, macaroons, milkshakes with whipped cream, a lot of pink pastel colored pillows, plush toys. Here is where the pillow fights come in.

At home girls often play the “are you sure you are ready” game. You are put in the center of a circle and try to talk you out of getting married. Be prepared, that their reasoning might be quite persuasive. This is the perfect chance to test your own decision.


If you and your friends are adventurous, it’s time to go skydiving. Let the men be envious! If that does not suit you, go karting, bungie jumping or any other sort of exciting activity. Oh and, of course, don’t forget to bring a little bit of alcohol for setting a fun mood.

Get creative

If you like to put on different images, try turning the bachelorette party into a colorful photo session. You can rent a studio, or go out to an interesting setting. In this case, the boundaries for self expression are put back to a minimum – go crazy! It’s fun and the photos will last for a lifetime.

Shopping or SPA

If all you want is peace and quite, you can go shopping or spend the whole day in a beauty saloon or spa. There is nothing more relaxing than doing your girly stuff with your friends.