Baby shower boom in Estonia

Baby shower is a popular tradition in the West to create a celebration for the future mom-to-be. The main aim is to “shower” the mother with gifts – hence the name “baby shower”.

Since recent times the tradition has started gaining popularity in Estonia. Usually the celebration is arranged about 2 months prior to the birth of the child and acts also as celebration of the beginning of maternity leave.

According to survey in Estonian social networks, sometimes the mother acts as an event organiser, but more often a pregnant woman will simply not have the energy or have time to prepare. This is where her friends come in.

Amongst those surveyed there where those who regret missing the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming birth. And with the arrival of the baby, the idea to celebrate has moved to last priority.

A total of 245 women participated in the survey, 70% (171 women) consider baby shower to be a great modern celebratory event, that will make the futures mom’s pregnancy a bit more colourful: “I think that this is a good tradition”. First, there is never too much celebration, and second, those who are pregnant simply need more positive emotion. I celebrated, and it was great: flowers, gifts, kind words and close hearted talks. So much of this we need. The mom is happy and the baby is happy”, – shares one of the surveys moms.

However, 30% of the questioned believe that one should not hurry with the celebration, and consider the tradition as bad sign. The think that one should only celebrate after a successful birth of the baby. There was even an opinion that friends might gather to unofficially congratulate the future mom.

Also worth noting, that a lot of Estonian women already celebrated baby showers, and recall them with pleasure, how they sat with their friends in a restaurant, at home, one woman even celebrated in a water park, while riding down the slides.

In the last couple of years in Estonia, there have been an explosion of companies that organise “baby showers”, and also thematic shops that offer corresponding gifts and decor.